Why Buy Organic Food

Is Organic Food Healthier?


There is no scientific evidence or studies that show that organic food is healthier or more nutritious than non-organic food. If it’s not more nutritious then why buy it?

The primary reasons are listed below:

Organic food is produced using no pesticides, insecticides, or chemical fertilizers.

Even though it may not be more nutritious, it’s certainly safer. Pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers are toxic to the human body and can cause sickness, mental disorders and even death in some cases.

Foods certified organic do not contain, preservatives, artificial flavorings, food additives, flavor enhancers, chemicals or colorants.

Food additives, preservatives and artificial flavorings are chemicals that Continue reading

Good Fats – Bad Fats

All Fats Are Not Bad


If you are like most Americans you believe that fat is bad for you, especially saturated fat.

The truth is some fats are bad for us and some fats are actually very good for us.

Fat doesn’t necessarily cause disease, and in many cases it can actually aid in its prevention.

For more than 40 years, Americans have been told that Continue reading

Your Health Is Your Responsibility


Can Malnutrition Be The Cause?



To survive and thrive in life there are three essential elements that all of us need.

We need pure air, pure water and pure food.

Our bodies can survive on less than pure air, less than pure water and less than

pure food but it cannot thrive.


All of us pretty much know when the air is not pure and most of us have switched from

tap water to filtered or bottled water. However, Continue reading


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