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Can Malnutrition Be The Cause?



To survive and thrive in life there are three essential elements that all of us need.

We need pure air, pure water and pure food.

Our bodies can survive on less than pure air, less than pure water and less than

pure food but it cannot thrive.


All of us pretty much know when the air is not pure and most of us have switched from

tap water to filtered or bottled water. However, when it comes to food the overwhelming

majority of us have missed the boat.


If you ask any health care provider, what is the number one reason most

Americans get sick or contract so many diseases, you would get a variety of



One answer you would not get would be, malnutrition. How could we be

malnourished with so many people obese and over weight?


The answer is simple, we have become a nation of fast and processed food

junkies. We are surviving on chemical laden, nutritional depleted, artificial

flavored, artificial colored and sugar loaded artificial food.


We are overfed and under nourished, and lead the world in health disorders and

health care costs. To end this madness we need to take responsibility for our

health and replace the artificial impure foods with pure whole natural foods

starting right now.

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